Photo of Eco-Safe Septic Staff.

Welcome to Eco-Safe Septic LLC

We are proud to be the only design/build onsite wastewater treatment company in the Four Corners Area. Whether you need a septic system for, a single family home, a subdivision, a commercial application or an entire community - simply show us where you want it, we’ll do the rest. We care about the health and safety of the water table, we only install “earth friendly”, advanced wastewater treatment systems. They are capable of returning very clean water to the environment, which in many cases can be used for irrigation purposes or discharged into a stream.

With our team of engineers, surveyors, nationally certified installers (NEHA) and state-of-the-art technology we can also modernize and expand existing systems, repair failed fields, turn lagoons into duck ponds, or use subsurface drip lines for lawns or plantings. Our drip fields blend into the landscape.

For communities and subdivisions, our modular systems can be expanded as the need/development grows.

We at Eco Safe will work together to insure that you, our clients, receive the best possible onsite system available. Get to know us better by clicking the above links. The links on the right will take you to national and state sites, the sites for the manufactures we use, local contractors and our engineers.

We hope you will want to learn more. Happy clicking